week 9 assignment - Renting an Apartment 1 Renting an...

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Renting an Apartment 1 Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house Jessica Malcolm Com156 Paula Baggiani January 30, 2011
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Renting an Apartment 2 It depends on your situation and lifestyle as to say whether if buying or renting a home is the best option. There are advantages to buying a home. People take pride in saying that they own a house because it makes them feel like they have accomplished something big in their life. You can write off your mortgage interest and property taxes. When you tap into the equity for weddings, kids’ college, emergencies, and much more, you can deduct interest. You do not need permission to renovate your home. You have the option to have a fixed-rate mortgage instead of having to worry about if your mortgage is going to increase. You can have whatever pets you want as well as how many you want. You do not have to give your personal information to a landlord worrying about what they will do with your personal information. You can choose your own cable or satellite provider. You can control how much you interact with your neighbors while if you were renting, someone is always a wall’s width away. No one can just walk into your home but if you were renting, landlords often walk right in because they own the place. You do not need anyone’s permission from anyone in order for someone to move in. When you pay off your mortgage, you own your home. There are also disadvantages to buying a home. It is possible to obtain financing with no
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week 9 assignment - Renting an Apartment 1 Renting an...

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