week 9 assignment - Part One If I was the chief editor of a...

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Part One If I was the chief editor of a large metropolitan daily newspaper and one of my reporters were caught fabricating sources and making up stories, I would fire that reporter. Then, I would go do my own research and rewrite the story, with the real facts, and use reliable sources. I would write a letter to the public apologizing for my reporter’s actions and let the public know that the reporter had been fired and would not be writing anymore stories. I would tell the public that the stories were, in fact, made up and the sources were fabricated, or unreliable. Media organizations play the roles of message receiver, message filter, and story-teller. A friendly relationship between media organizations and public relations agencies has a positive effect on delivering designated messages to the public. Media aim at reporting messages based on facts. Media utilize the public opinion as an extension of their ideas and perception. The significance of immediate news media delivery on culture is to foster and reinforce a societal addiction to instant gratification. Americans expect and demand their wants and desires to be fulfilled. It is just another expression of this dynamic. Examples are: fast food, quick sex, and instant communication of cell phones. No one wants to wait for something. Everyone is affected by this. The social responsibilities of news media include bringing everyone updates on wars and
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week 9 assignment - Part One If I was the chief editor of a...

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