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final exam review sci162

final exam review sci162 - Chapter 5 1 Intimate...

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Chapter 5 1. Intimate relationships fulfill our psychological need for 7. Predictability, dependability, and faith someone to listen to our worries and concerns. This is three fundamental elements of known as our need for - a. trust - a. dependence. - b. friendship - b. social integration. - c. attraction - c. enjoyment. - d. attachment - d. spontaneity. 8. One important factor in choosing a 2. Lovers tend to pay attention to the other person even when partner is proximity, which refers to they should be involved in other activities. This is called - a. mutual regard - a. inclusion. - b. attitudes and values - b. exclusivity. - c. physical attraction - c. fascination. - d. being in the same place at the - d. authentic intimacy. same time 3. Intense feelings of elation, sexual desire, and ecstasy in 9. Individuals who are sexually attracted being with a partner are characteristic of to both sexes are identified as - a. companionate love. - a. heterosexual - b. mature love. - b. bisexual - c. passionate love. - c. homosexual - d. intimacy. - d. intersexual 4. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, attraction and 10. What is the role of testosterone in falling in love follow a pattern based on male reproductive system? - a. lust, attraction, and attachment. - a. it is used to produce sperm for - b. intimacy, passion, and commitment. reproduction - c. imprinting, attraction, attachment, and the production of - b. it is the hormone that stimulates a cuddle chemical. development of secondary male - d. fascination, exclusiveness, sexual desire, giving the sex characteristics utmost, and being a champion. - c. it allows the penis to harden during sexual arousal 5. Who coined the term genderlect ? - d. it secretes the seminal fluid - a. Helen Fisher preceding ejaculation - b. Robert Sternberg - c. Deborah Tannen - d. Carol Gilligan 6. Terms such as behavioral interdependence , need fulfillment , and emotional availability describe which type of relationship? - a. dysfunctional relationship - b. sexual relationship - c. intimate relationship - d. behavioral relationship
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Chapter 6 1. What type of contraceptive method involves long-acting 7. For a woman of normal weight before synthetic progesterone injected intramuscularly every pregnancy, what is the recommended 3 months? weight gain during pregnancy? - a. Seasonale - a. 15 to 20 pounds - b. Ortho Evra - b. 20 to 30 pounds - c. Depo-Provera - c. 25 to 35 pounds - d. Lea’s Shield - d. 30 to 45 pounds 2. Which of the following is not a barrier contraceptive? 8. What prenatal test involves snipping - a. cervical cap tissue from the developing fetal sac? - b. condom - a. fetoscopy - c. diaphragm - b. ultrasound - d. contraceptive patch - c. amniocentesis - d. chorionic villus sampling 3. What is the most commonly used method of first-trimester abortion? 9. Rh factor problems occurs when the - a. vacuum aspiration mother is __ and the fetus is __ - b. dilation and evacuation (D&E) - a. Rh positive; Rh positive - c. dilation and curettage (D&C) - b. Rh positive; Rh negative - d. induction abortions - c. Rh negative; Rh positive - d. Rh negative; Rh negative 4. What is meant by the failure rate of contraceptive use?
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