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Midterm exam review sci162

Midterm exam review sci162 - Midterm exam review Chapter 1...

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Midterm exam review Chapter 1 1. Our ability to perform everyday tasks, such as walking up 7. After Kirk and Tammy pay their bills, they the stairs, is an example of reward themselves by watching TV - a. improved quality of life. together. The type of positive - b. physical health. reinforcement that motivates them to pay - c. health promotion. their bills is - d. activities of daily living. - a. activity reinforcer - b. consumable reinforcer 2. Janice describes herself as confident and trusting, and she - c. manipulative reinforcer displays both high self-esteem and high self-efficacy. The - d. possessional reinforcer dimension of health this relates to is the - a. social dimension. 8. The setting events for a behavior that cue - b. emotional dimension. or stimulate a person to act in certain - c. spiritual dimension. ways are called - d. intellectual dimension. - a. antecedents 3. Which of the following is an example of primary - b. frequency of events prevention? - c. consequences - a. attending a smoking cessation program - d. cues to action - b. using a condom during sexual intercourse - c. receiving radiation therapy for cancer 9. What strategy for a change is advised - d. going to physical therapy for an injury resulting from a for an individual in the preparation skiing accident - a. seeking out recommended readings 4. What statistic is used to describe the number of new cases - b. finding creative ways to maintain of AIDS in a given year? positive behaviors - a. morbidity - c. setting realistic goals - b. mortality - d. publicly stating the desire for - c. incidence change - d. prevalence 10. Spiritual health could be best 5. Because Craig’s parents smoked, he is 90 percent more described as likely to start smoking than someone whose parents didn’t. - a. exclusive to religiosity This is an example of what factor influencing behavior - b. optional for achieving wellness change? - c. related to one’s purpose in life - a. circumstantial factor - d. finding fulfilling relationships - b. enabling factor - c. reinforcing factor - d. predisposing factor
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Chapter 2 1. A person with high self-esteem 7. What are the two most common - a. possesses feelings of self-respect and self-worth. psychotherapeutic therapies for - b. believes he or she can successfully engage in a specific depression?
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