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Jess wk 1 dq. benefits and challenges of online approach

Jess wk 1 dq. benefits and challenges of online approach -...

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I decided to pursue my degree online because I will have more freedom to do the work when it’s convenient for me and still make the deadlines. I can do my school and homework during the day while taking care of my daughter when she’s born and work at night. The online approach is more convenient and allows the students to have more freedom and to fit class participation into their personal schedule. It’s also designed to meet your schedule. If you give the level of involvement that is expected of you, you will find the results of your efforts to be fulfilling. Degrees earned online are as valid and valuable as degrees earned from a traditional institution with the
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Unformatted text preview: same accreditation. Online approach also has its challenges. Communicating and submitting coursework online may require you to learn a few technical skills. You will need to know the basic office software such as, word processing and slide presentation applications. Some classes may require you to send emails and use an internet browser. If you’re used to the face- to-face interaction, like you would have as a traditional student, it may take you awhile to adjust to the environment....
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