week 8 non graded activity

week 8 non graded activity - else’s work because that...

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To remain an ethical and honest student, I am doing my best at passing my classes and learning the material. I am not taking other people’s work as my own and I am turning my assignments in on time. I am taking my time and doing my work and looking over my materials so that I can do my work effectively and efficiently. Every assignment that I turn in, I did it myself and only used the resources given to me in the syllabus. I think it is important to do the work yourself, instead of copying someone
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Unformatted text preview: else’s work, because that will show that you are trying to learn. It will also show that your classes are important to you and that you want to pass this course. If you write a paper on your own, without help, and you were still accused of plagiarism, there is a plagiarism checker that you can use. If you do not know the material, or do not understand the material, there are resources that can help you....
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