Assign5ReportForm - _________ 5 Output is correct and...

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Program #5 Report Form Name Score _______ out of 20 + ____ bonus Section 1: Self Assessment My program does the following correctly: ___x____ Computation for male and female children ___x_____ Verification of gender ___x_____ Verification of height in feet and inches ___x_____ Output resembles the sample output ________ I completed the bonus Provide test input data, and your expected results, other than the data provided on the Program specifications in this table: Page 1 of 389b51f0904dc617b6a3fce112f08a803783c8911.doc Chris Burnette
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Mother height Father Height Child Gender Expected height 5’6 6’1 male 6’0 5’6 6’1 female 5’5 5’4 6’3 female 5’3 5’4 6’3 male 6’1 Section 2: Instructor Assessment ________ 4 - Correct computation for male and female children
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Unformatted text preview: _________ 5 Output is correct and resembles sample ________ 4 - Correct verification of gender, feet, and inches Page 2 of 389b51f0904dc617b6a3fce112f08a803783c8911.doc ________ 2 Program terminates if gender, feet or inches are entered incorrectly ________ 2 Report form is complete ________ 3 Program exhibits good style and is clearly written. uses meaningful variable names uses constants when appropriate follows consistent indentation includes brief descriptions (i.e., comments) at the top of program uses appropriate types for variables; etc. ________ 4 - Bonus Additional points will be deducted for not following the turnin-instructions. Page 3 of 389b51f0904dc617b6a3fce112f08a803783c8911.doc...
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Assign5ReportForm - _________ 5 Output is correct and...

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