Exam 4_PSYC210_SP10 with key0 - Psych 210 Prof. Galvez Exam...

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Psych 210 Prof. Galvez Exam 4 – Spring 2010 Instructions: For each question, choose the best possible answer among the choices given. There is only one best possible answer for each question. 1) As your phone vibrates in your pocket what sensory nerve endings are being activated? a) Pacinian Corpuscle b) Merkel’s Disks c) Ruffini Endings d) Meissner’s Corpuscle 2) If you experienced damage to the ventral region of your spinal cord in the middle of your torso you would not be able to do which of the following? a) Move your legs b) Feel your legs c) Move your hands d) Feel your hands 3) The sense of touch from your right foot crosses over to the opposite side of the body at what location? a) Pons b) Spinal cord c) Decussation of pyramidal tract d) Medulla 4) Prolonged use of a small portion of one of your fingers will do all of the following except a) Decrease receptive field size for that region b) Increase cortical representation for that region c) Activate neurons in the cervical region of the spinal cord d) Cause decreased sensation in the other fingers on that hand 5) Which of the following statements about climbing fibers in the cerebellum is true? a) When activated it will ALWAYS activate the purkinje cell that it is making synaptic contact with
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b) They form synaptic contacts with hundreds of purkinje cells c) Project through the purkinje cell layer of the cerebellum d) Are a critical component in one’s ability to form episodic memories 6) While working at Carle hospital you come across a patient that has a lot of difficulty with balance. This individual could have damage to what brain region? a) Motor cortex b) Vermis c) Posterior Lobe of the cerebellum d) Flocculonodular lobe of the cerebellum 7) While working at Carle hospital a patient is rushed into the ER. During report the paramedics mention that the patient has a positive Babinski sign. This individual most likely has damage to what region? a) Anterior Lobe of the cerebellum b) Cingulate cortex c) Corticospinal track d) Basal Ganglia 8) Muscle spindle receptors transmit what type of information to the brain? a) Vibration b) Stretch c) Touch d) Contraction 9) Information coming from the motor cortex crosses to the contra-lateral side of the body at what location? a)
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Exam 4_PSYC210_SP10 with key0 - Psych 210 Prof. Galvez Exam...

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