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Midterm 1 2190 answers - Midterm 1 Student Name User ID...

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Midterm 1 Student Name: User ID Number: Student Email: Current semester: 103 AUID: 10525732 Assignment Date: 2010-05-04 Assignment Due: 2010-05-21 No. of Questions = 50 Pass mark is - 70 %. To submit this test, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Do not press enter until you have completed the exam. 1. This legislation laid down strict regulations to ensure that all carriers operated as safely as possible and was enacted in 1938. a) Civil Aeronautics Act b) Aviation Safety Act c) National Transportation Safety Act 2. In 1938, the creation of a new airmen certificate occurred called the a) aircraft scheduler b) aircraft follower c) aircraft dispatcher 3. Which of the following is an incorrect name given for aircraft dispatcher? a) flight superintendent b) flight controller c) air traffic controller 4. True or False? Prior to the creation of the dispatcher certificate, the pilot in command typically performed only the duties of flying the aircraft from point to point. a) True b) False 5. Dispatchers are required to provide specific information to the pilot. The official term for the pilot in charge of flying the plane according to federal regulations is a) captain b) pilot in command c) authority in command 6. True or False? Although helpful, the dispatcher is not required to provide the captain with updated weather conditions during the flight. a) True b) False 7. Which part of the Federal Regulations outlines rules for personal flights? 8. Choose the best definition of Pilot in Command.
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9. Which part of the Federal Regulations outlines operating requirements for air carriers and operators conducting domestic, international and non scheduled operations? 10 . According to Federal Regulations, operational control means the exercise of authority over initiating, conducting and terminating a flight. Which position has the authority to cancel a flight. a) pilot in command b) dispatcher c) chief pilot 11
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