MKTG 440 midterm 1 - Adam Perko 10/18/10 Stormie Wells Mid...

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Adam Perko 10/18/10 Stormie Wells Mid Term The value equation can be related to service previsions rendered in many ways. To the aspect of time, the value equation is important because when is one of the most valuable aspects of our life. Regarding the time of the customer, the quicker the customer receives results the better the service is perceived to be. This all depends on how the customer is handled during the service interaction. Customer service will make the customer believe that they have received good service whether it actually was good or not. When going to different locations to receive service, it is always a gamble because, unless you have been there before, you never know what you are getting. This can create uncertainty in the customers’ eyes that has to be made up somewhere else. If all goes right you may have made a new customer. In regards to an auto repair shop this can have many different interpretations depending on who the customer is and the knowledge they have of the service they are receiving. If the one bringing in the car to get repaired does not know anything about cars they have to be trusting of the mechanic to know they will do the job correctly and honestly. The internal service quality to the employee will determine the job they are willing to do for the customer which will in turn (provided it was a good job) bring the customer back creating customer loyalty. This will get people talking which will expand growth and increase profits.
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MKTG 440 midterm 1 - Adam Perko 10/18/10 Stormie Wells Mid...

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