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Bonnie McAvoy Comm. 250 02/03/08 Continuity Project Chapter Two Research Questions: Do women from Asian ethnic backgrounds tend to be more caring and think empathically towards others as compared to women raised in the United States? When in an argument do woman focus more on emotional issues rather than the actual facts of the event? Do high school females experience more pressure and stress than males when it comes to fitting in and looks? Do women in the United States tend to be more attracted to financially stable partners? Do college freshmen who come from a sheltered family struggle more throughout the first year of college? Do students who come from private single sex schools struggle with how to
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Unformatted text preview: communicate with the opposite sex when it comes to working with them? Are public school children more socially equipped when it comes to working in groups? Does the way in which MTV portrays the differences in gender have a negative effect on today’s youth and the way in which they view themselves? Do the advertisements for cosmetics exemplify a kind of performance associated with women in traditional women’s cultures? What kind of influence does the media have on decisions made by citizens who engage in voting? How useful are guilt appeals when it comes to married couples?...
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