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Bonnie McAvoy Feb. 8, 2008 Comm. 250 Continuity Project Chapter Three The Positivist Paradigm I would believe that there is only one objective reality out their in regards to gender/sex. I would try to find out and explain the result and effect of something was a due to a cause. I would most likely use surveys, experiments and quantitative text analysis to find my answers. I would describe relationships between attributes and variables. The System Paradigm I would focus on gender/sex differences in communication as a whole system. I would believe in an objective reality. I would be interested in identifying how parts of
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Unformatted text preview: the system function together to sustain that system. I would expect to do a lot of interaction analysis. The Interpretive Paradigm I would expect to study meaning and rules. I would be interested in studying theories of understanding. Qualitative data would most likely be used. The critical Paradigm I would believe that ideology characterize the social experiments. I would ask, what are some of the underlining values of a gender/sex communicative practice? Whose interests are served by this practice? Critical reflection is a valid means of producing knowledge....
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