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Bonnie McAvoy Feb. 19, 2008 Comm. 260: Research Methods Continuity Project Chapter Four Approaching the issue of gender and communication: Inductive reasoning: I would think of a specific phenomenon that seems to occur between the two sexes. For example, why is it that females respond to non-verbal cues more than males? I would start with a specific observation like this, and hope that is would lead me to a more general pattern of communication between the sexes. Deductive reasoning: I would think of a general observation that seemed logically possible and hopefully it would lead into a more specific pattern of communication. For example, I might conduct my own test by talking to a specific number of males as well as females to try to figure out if women truly did talk more than men do. If everything worked out, my observation would determine the predicted pattern really does exist. ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR: Successful social interaction requires that participants continually adjust their responses and expectations about others' responses to
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