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Bonnie McAvoy April 18, 2009 Comm 400: Fallacy HW False Cause is the fallacy that was committed in this ad. I always hate when I hear this on the TV commercials: “the fact that Hydroxycut is the #1 selling weight loss supplement is an indication of its ability to help people achieve weight loss.” (Just like those stupid Extenze commercials which claim- “If Extenze doesn’t work, would millions of American be buying it?”) By saying that many people buy Hydroxycut does not mean
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Unformatted text preview: it works. You cannot tell if the cause actually came before the effect. It is likely there is third variable which could be the advertisements for the drug to begin with. So it could mean that many Americans bought it for the first time (but don’t continue buying it) and that’s why it is the so called ‘#1 selling weight loss supplement.’ These kinds of claims are an insult to all of us and I hope we can put an end to crap like this....
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