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Bonnie McAvoy March 10, 2009 Comm. 400 Song Analysis The song I have finally decided to pick is, “Little Sister” by Jewel. I have always loved this song. I first started liking it because it is a song that talks about the ‘little sister’ and that’s who I am in my family. As I grew older I realized I wouldn’t want to be the little sister in this situation. The song is so meaningful to me because it talks about how easy it can be to get wrapped up in the bad things (such as drugs) and it reminds me to keep my true values (like family) at hand. To me, this song sends a message to act in a way that is truly meaningful and not to get sucked in by the things that others may value. The song says “we have to start feeding our souls, not our addictions. . .” I consider this to mean we need to follow our passion and try to do something that goes beyond ourselves. It also reinforces my beliefs about watching TV and valuing fake things, getting too consumed in beauty, worshiping celebrities; I’ve felt that these things make it
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