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Family Rituals 1 Analysis of The Family Stone Family Rituals Family rituals organize life so that it can be stable during difficult times. Galvin, Bylund and Brommel (2004), define family rituals as “a symbolic form of communication that, owing to the satisfaction that family members experience through its repetition, is acted out in a systematic fashion over time” (112). Participating in family rituals has a neurobiological impact. “Rituals tend to stimulate both the left and right parts of the brain so that the two hemispheres of the brain spill over into each other, which results in a deep emotional connection” (Friesen, 1990, p. 12). Rituals have gone on since the beginning of time. Each individual family creates their own unique rituals; however, many family rituals parallel those of larger social cultures. A way to study family rituals is to observe how each member communicates. For example, the film, “The Family Stone” illustrates types of family rituals. These key types include family celebrations and traditions, intergenerational rituals, and daily routines and tasks. In “The Family Stone,” Everett brings his potential fiancée, Meredith, home to celebrate Christmas with his family. Meredith comes from a completely different type of family and the way her family celebrates the Christmas holiday conflicts with those traditions of Everett’s. Everett’s mother, Sybil, hides a deep secret about her terminal cancer from almost everyone in the family; this Christmas could be her last. While this is all on Sybil’s mind, her first born son, Everett, asks for her grandmother’s ring to give to Meredith, the girl that Sybil knows is not right for her son. Everett’s family hesitates to welcome Meredith into their family traditions. To further complicate the matters, Meredith calls her sister, Julie, and convinces her to come and be her emotional
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Comm.260 paper1 - FamilyRituals1 Analysis of T he Family...

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