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Bonnie McAvoy January 25, 2009 Autobiography I was born here in Colorado, been here my entire life and I still love our beautiful mountains! I cannot see myself permanently living anywhere else because I love all the fun outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. I grew up in Wheat Ridge (right next to Denver); in a house where my parents still live today. I had lived in that house my entire life, up until my freshman year of college when I moved into the dorms. I have now moved twice since then and am currently living in a house right across campus, which is awesome. Ever since I was very young I’ve had a great interest in horses and when I turned nine I was able to join a youth organization called Westernaires, which ended up engulfing my life through out high school. Westernaires was my home away from home. I was greatly involved in it and did many extra activities that most people did not get involved in; for example, I became the Head Trainer for Varsity, the highest team in the program. I also volunteered my
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