BUAD Second homework - 1 A dam Perko BUAD 300 Hirschfeld...

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1 Adam Perko BUAD 300 Hirschfeld Second Homework Personality Assessment Analysis Personality Profile: In my personality profile I responded to the questions in a matter of consistency that was right in the middle. I received a five out of ten which is a fifty percent consistency rating. This is not particularly good but I felt that some of the questions were hard to answer. A lot of the same concepts for the questions were repeated but worded in a different way which slightly altered my decision. One possibility of a low consistency level could show a lack of interest in taking the test and rushing through it. However, I did not rush and took my time to genuinely answer the questions because this is a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves for free. Relationships with People: For my relationships with people and the influence I have on other people it showed that I am a persuasive person who likes negotiating and changing other people’s views. However, I am not controlling at all scoring very low mainly because I do not like to take the lead or tell people what to do. I am not outspoken and very much do not like to criticize others. I do not like to put forward my opinions because I am nervous about what others will think. I am very independent minded and like my own approach at getting things done. The assessment shows that my sociability for relationships with people is quite outgoing, talking a lot in groups and participating well. I am also very affiliative and enjoy others company. I like to be around people and tend to do well when I am in a group with people I am comfortable with. I tend to be not socially confident and can be kind of awkward when meeting people for the first time. I am also more comfortable in less formal situations. When it comes to empathy I am pretty much in the middle leaning more towards the positive side. I am fairly modest and do not like talking about accomplishments and my self. I am right in the middle of the democratic scale and I
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2 feel that is pretty true. I like to consult group members on decisions that have to be made, but if that is not possible I am fine with making the decision on my own. Most of all I am a caring person that likes to be helpful whenever I can. I am supportive of people and will help with problems. Thinking Style: The analysis of my thinking style shows that I am data rational and like to work with numbers. I like seeing an idea backed up by statistical information so I can see how it works and most things have a solution. The profile shows that I am very bad in the evaluative category. I would agree but I do not think I am as bad as it shows. I sometimes forget to look for errors or mistakes in my work but I do like to critically
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BUAD Second homework - 1 A dam Perko BUAD 300 Hirschfeld...

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