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Send To Printer | Close Window A302 Tax Research Spring 2011 Indiana University Kelley School of Business Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis A302 Tax Research Spring 2011 1. Course Description and Objectives At the conclusion of this course you will be able to: Understand how to identify tax problems. Use certain mechanical techniques to identify and locate the tax authorities that relate to solving a problem. Understand the nature of primary sources of tax law, including the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, administrative pronouncements and judicial decisions. Access secondary sources, including annotated and topical tax services. Use citators to trace the judicial history of cases and to evaluate tax authority. Understand the importance of professional communication with a “client” and effectively communicate the results of tax research in written form. Effectively determine and communicate defensibly correct solutions for tax problems through independent research with minimal supervision. Prerequisite or concurrent: Basic course in taxation (A328 or A515 or equivalent) 2. Instructor Susan Cauble, MPA, CPA, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs. Office hours are by appointment only. The best way to touch base with me is through Oncourse email. My administrative assistant is Deanna Hart and she is located in the program office, BS3024, outside of my office. All written assignments will be turned into a folder on her desk. 1/30/2011 List…/printFriendly 1/9
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3. Text There is no textbook to purchase for this course. All materials will be posted on Oncourse or are accessible through the University Library and the library website at . The initial reading for the course is Chapter 2 of Individual Taxation, Pratt and Kulsrud text, which is used for A328 and A515. If you do not have a copy of a recent edition of the text, the chapter (with some modifications) is posted on Oncourse. Readings and PowerPoint slides will be posted for each assignment. 4. Course Plan The class is conducted almost entirely in the Oncourse environment. Because in-person classes are not held, it is absolutely imperative that you read all of the assignments and read them carefully (including this syllabus). Following instructions is critical to success in this course. Although no classes are held, you must come to campus on several occasions. These include visits to: Take the online examinations , which are scheduled below. Email your written assignments as per the schedule below. It is vital that you check your email often. If you do not wish to check your Oncourse mail, be sure to forward your Oncourse email to an email address you check regularly. All assignments will be posted on Oncourse
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