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Unformatted text preview: Socialpsych414 Contact effects-proximity-mere exposure-familiarity Interpersonal attraction 4. Trait Approaches- Physical Appearance o Computer dance Random pairing, pictures rated, guys had to be taller than the girl, go with date to dance Physical appearance only thing that mattered to dates o Halo Effect o Diary Record Study Social interactions/pleasing/opposite sex interactions higher for attractive people, low physical attractive girls still have opposite sex interactions but they innitiate o Little Kids (moms, Persuasion techniques) Physical appearance very important, large public hospital study on how much mothers are perceived to love their newborns compared with actual time spent with newborns, cutest babys get the most attention from their own mothers Cuter little girls and boys didnt need to use reasoning to convince people to eat the cookies- Matching Hypothesis o Tend to be attracted to people who are about the same level of physical attractiveness as self Could seek out most attractive and you are left with your level Could automatically seek out the people who are the same level as you- Similarity over time takes over for physical attractiveness o Demographics & attitudes; not personality o Same culture, education and socio-economic background as self same beliefs and attitudes, enjoy same activities becomes much more important; personality has much smaller effect than attitudes. Complimentary personalities (opposites attract) salient but often dont last - Positivity Effects o Happy, positive people are most well liked o People high in neuroticism are much less liked- Small Imperfection o Spills water in one class and is perfect in the other Everybody loves him when he has the small imperfection Feels more approachable, more human 5. Evolutionary Approaches differential parental investment men are less positive that their genes are being carried on and less invested, no childb physical changes, or carrying of child women have limited window of fertility physical attractiveness historically is sign of good genes and likelihood to deliver a chi so men value attractiveness more based on differential parental investment women value resources more -> good resources insures better care for their child sociobiology effects violations of the matching hypothesis usually match up with evolutionary theory men with young women bc women seek status and men seek youth men have many more partners women have higher investment in child limited ability to carry children and highly involved- Mate Preferences- Jealousy (male sexual jealousy & homicide) measured physiological response to of imagining partner falling in love with someone else and having sex with someone else men were more upset about sex, women were more upset about someone falling in lov bc men fear paternity and women fear partner falling in love and leaving along with the resources women have emotional intimacy jealousy and men have sexual jealousy...
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Socialpsych415 - Socialpsych414 Contact...

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