428 - Social Psychology Agression variables Affecting 1...

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Social Psychology 4/28/10 Agression: variables Affecting 1) Physiological - Arousal (autonomic nervous system) - fight or flight (fight reaction = aggression = increase in autonomic nervous system arousal) - Pain, Heat, Noise - pain makes us want to lash back out, if 2 rats are in a cage and you shock one it will attack the other immediately -under conditions of higher climates violence more common, violence increases in the summer -noise increases aggression – more violence in cities vs suburban settings - Alcohol & drugs -alcohol is a depressent but it cognitively impairs so people act differently than they would normally behave, sometimes violently –alcohol has same affect on men and women in violence increase -drugs that lower cognitive function increases violence but drugs that lower autonomic nervous system do not cause violence (such as marijuana) - Testosterone -people who have excitement seeking jobs like firefighters, police officers, extreme sports etc. have higher testosterone - male and female prisoners can be divided into violent and nonviolent offenders based on testosterone levels, people with higher testosterone smile less 2) Individual Level - Genetics o Species bred for violence You can breed mice that are particularly violent and continue eventually you will have mice that are especially violent o Identical twin studies There is some genetic predisposition bc identical twins are similar in aggression - Personality - Type A, narcissism, low-empathy o Type a –driven to achieve, use more aggression to get ahead, high stress o Type B – Lower in stress and aggression o Narcissists – people with exceptionally high-self esteem – higher than others might view them, tend to be high in aggression especially in situations where their greatness is going unrecognized o Low-empathy, people who can’t understand other peoples pain are more aggressive because they don’t feel guilty o Trait Aggressiveness scales of Personality
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- Cognitive structures o Aggressive schemas
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428 - Social Psychology Agression variables Affecting 1...

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