PositivePsychologySyllabusSpring2010-1 - Positive...

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Unformatted text preview: Positive Psychology (200.341) Spring 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Professor: Dr. Rachel L. Piferi Class Time M 1:30 3:50 pm Email: rpiferi@jhu.edu Classroom: Remsen 1 Office: 141 Ames (410-516-3495) Office Hours: M 11a.m. 12noon Graduate TA: Brian Anderson [bander33@jhu.edu] & Brandon Ashinoff [bashino1@jhu.edu] Undergraduate TA: spflum1@jhu.edu [spflum1@jhu.edu] _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Course Overview. This course will explore the growing field of positive psychology. Conceptualized by Martin Seligman, the field of Positive Psychology aims to explore the positive aspects of human life. With a focus on strengths, fulfillment, and satisfaction with life, the field of Positive Psychology has grown out of the idea that the traditional field of Psychology has been incomplete by only focusing on the negative aspects of life (i.e. psychopathology, stress, depression, and physical illness). Instead of focusing on the negative side of life, Positive Psychology explores whats right with people and how we can help individuals become fully functional. Textbooks. Readings for class will come from two books and empirical articles posted on WebCT. Our books are: Ben-Sharar, T. (2007). Happier. McGraw-Hill: New York....
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PositivePsychologySyllabusSpring2010-1 - Positive...

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