Psych 11.12 - 11.12.10 Elaboration Likelihood Model How...

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11.12.10 Elaboration Likelihood Model How other influence us: Attitudes: o Elaboration Likelihood Model Cognitive Dissonance o Rather than focus on learning theory, we tend to have attitudes/behavior and we are most comfortable when attitude and behavior line up/constant o If they become dissonant or unbalanced: something will have to change o Change behavior or change attitude? o Therefore change attitude o Early dissonance study: motor control: sort nuts and bolts o Before you leave can you do something for me? Tell the next subject you really enjoyed it o Half were told ill give you a dollar to tell them o Half asked as a favor o Some told 20 dollars o Go down hall to get credit, research assistant asked how fun it was? o Dissonance=attitude and behavior don’t add up o Way people could return to balance Tell themselves they didn’t lie That they actually enjoyed the task Don’t need to change world view of themselves o Tension reduction Other dissonance studies Initiation study o Female subjects sign up for a social interaction study o Before you can join, need to know you are comfortable being a member of the group conversation o Easy initiation group In front of a male research assistant Read a list of body parts Some are sexually suggestive o Harsh initiation group In front of male research assistant Read sexually explicit passage o You can't join today o But can listen it o Is about birds and bees Actual scientific shit o End you are asked How did you find it?
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11.12.10 Would you be willing to come back o Easy initiation group
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Psych 11.12 - 11.12.10 Elaboration Likelihood Model How...

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