psych test 2 - Introductory Psychology Exam 2 Answers in...

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Introductory Psychology: Exam 2. Answers in Bold 1. The sensation-perception phenomena of having two or more senses “crossing over” (e.g., the sweet smell of purple)? a. multiphasia b. cross-thresholds c. aphasia d . synesthesia 2. In signal detection theory, not perceiving something that actually is there is called? a. hit b . miss c. false alarm d. correct rejection 3. A hearing test is a good example of this threshold standard in sensation perception? a. absolute b. information processing c . just noticeable difference d. dual processing 4. Which of the following word pair best describes the role of rods in vision? a. focal-night b . peripheral-night c. focal-color d. peripheral-color 5. The theory of vision that best explains blue-yellow color blindness? a . opponent process b. retinex c. trichromatic d. after-imaging 6. Which of the following is not a central concept within Gestalt Theory? a. figure ground b . feature detection c. similarity d. proximity 7. In motion parallax, things in front of the thing you are focusing on move? a . faster/opposite than you b. faster/with you c. slower/opposite than you d. slower/with you 8. The binocular cue for depth perception that relies on whether an object is moving toward or away from you? a. motion parallax b. size constancy c . convergence d. kinetic depth 9. Damage to the hair cells found in the ear results in this kind of deafness? a. conduction b. localized c. electrochemical d . sensorineural 10. Which of the following are considered “chemical” senses? a. sight-taste
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psych test 2 - Introductory Psychology Exam 2 Answers in...

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