IDP_10_25 - Developmental Psych Intelligence What is...

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Developmental Psych 10/25/10 Intelligence What is intelligence? Factors reflecting intelligence in instinctive evaluation; genes, parents, teachers, choices Is it mathematically ability? Creative Visionary? Chess players? Amazing strategists? Possibility 1: Intelligence = a single trait or ability used across all tasks - Spearman’s g (g = general intelligence) - Evidence: o Correlation of students’ performance across all subjects o Correlation of performance with speed of neural processing - Problem o Wisdom vs. memorization o Thinking fluidity is not really well verified by Possibility 2: Intelligence = 2 major types of thinking skills - crystallized intelligence = factual knowledge about the world o word meanings, algorithms, names & dates - Fluid Intelligence = ability to solve brand new problems on the spot (make analogies, think up new solutions…) Evidence - within –intelligence correlations - different time-courses: o crystallized intelligence increases throughout lifespan o fluid intelligence peaks in early adulthood Possibility 3: intelligence = a cluster of many distinct cognitive abilities - Ability to reason through problems - Verbal abilities: reading and writing - Memory span - Visualization; spatial reasoning - Auditory recognition
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IDP_10_25 - Developmental Psych Intelligence What is...

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