devpsych - Developmental Psych 11/12 Friendships Infants...

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Developmental Psych 11/12 Friendships - Infants show interest in other children, show interest in particular kids , part. Same age - Don’t have normal give take caring friendships though - Young kids by age 2 recognize others’ emotions & ability to regulate own emotion allows more stable social interaction - Toddlers : more pretend play with friends (have specific preferences for friends), possible because of shared trust & communication - But toddler friends have high levels of conflict, harder time maintaining friendships themselves, require social support from parents, caretakers to intervene and help solve conflicts to maintain friendship - As children grow their expectations of friends change - At first kids define friends as someone you have fun with, someone who has cool toys - Elementary school: concrete view of friendship: friends are people you choose to play with - Middle school: More sensitive to others’ emotional needs: friendship involves loyalty, helping out, equality - Adolescence: friendship as context for self-exploration & safety: a friend is a valued confidant whose acceptance is vital to the relationship Developmental changes in sharing personal feelings - Parents are primary person who we share emotions with at first then it drops then hightens again when we have kids and have shared experience - Emotional partner steadily rises - Friends gets high in middleschool, college, takes a hit when we have a romantic partner though Friendship provides: - Emotional support & security (even in young children) - Increase in positive attidues towards school - Opportunities to develop cognitive skills - Freater confidence allows kids to take leadership role - Makes more resilient in face of bad situations (divorce for example), cope better - What are the effects of being in the in-group (popularity)? o
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devpsych - Developmental Psych 11/12 Friendships Infants...

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