Study Guide for Test 3 Spring 2010

Study Guide for Test 3 Spring 2010 - Moral agency Human...

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Introduction to Theories of Personality Exam 3 Study Guide Below are a list of terms to focus on. In preparing for the test, please make sure you know the definitions of each of the below terms as well as how they fit into the theorist’s ideas. Understanding how each theorist developed their ideas, described their ideas, and how they differ from other theorists covered in this part of the term will also be important to the exam. BF Skinner Radical Behaviorism Operant Conditioning Shaping Successive approximations Response contingent Positive reinforcement Negative reinforcement Punishment Primary Reinforcers Secondary Reinforcers Schedules of Reinforcement: Continuous v. partial Types of partial reinforcement Albert Bandura Social Cognitive Theory Triadic reciprocal causation model
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Unformatted text preview: Moral agency Human Agency Self Efficacy Contributors to Self Efficacy Collective Efficacy Reciprocal Determinism Enactive Learning Fortuitous events/ Chance encounters Observational Learning (Modeling) Bobo doll experiment Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs: Physiological, Safety, Love/Belongingness, Esteem, Self Actualization Self Actualization Characteristics of self actualized Basic Assumptions underlying his theory Third Force B values Metapathology Aesthetic needs Cognitive needs Neurotic needs Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy Formative Tendency Actualizing Tendency Congruence Unconditional Positive Regard Empathy Self Concept Ideal Self Theory of Therapeutic Change Psychologically healthy person...
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Study Guide for Test 3 Spring 2010 - Moral agency Human...

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