AbPsych1111 - Abnormal Psychology Psychotic Disorders While...

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Unformatted text preview: Abnormal Psychology 11/11/10 Psychotic Disorders While some theories disagree that psychotic disorders even exist others have very complex and concrete definitions, much disagreement in definitions- main features that do have consistency o Language disturbance o Level of functioning quite disturbed, lower quality of life than any other - Aretaeus of Cappadocia o Made a distinction - 1856 Morel o introduced latin diagnosis demence pracos (premature detioration – dementia way before its time) congenital, early defect o contrasted that with dementia praecox patients who had normal functioning for at least 15 years then comes either an acquired, permanent or acquired reversible defect with deterioration of two things: • personality and information processing functioning- 1896 o Kraeplin, Emil Observing many similar symptoms similar course similar onset • With time, disorder tended to become dementia like state very young • Might be some hidden underlying process even if symptoms varied • Focused on course and onset descriptive approach, suggested that it must have same underlying cause • Dementia praecox • In this group of patients carrying lots of different labels ,saw similar symptoms that further reinforced the idea that the belonged to one group o Delusions-false beliefs, things that can’t be true growing my father’s beard o Hallucination – sensory experience without sensory stimulation o Attention deficits: they try to pay attention but before you know it, they’ve lost it, can’t maintain attention o Bizarre or odd motor behavior, way patients use extremities is bizarre • Thought anyone showing these symptoms should be labeled the same •...
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AbPsych1111 - Abnormal Psychology Psychotic Disorders While...

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