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Abnormal Psychology112 - Abnormal Psychology 11/2/10...

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Abnormal Psychology 11/2/10 Personality disorders continued - over-diagnosis when there is evidence of one or more of the traits histrionic (cont) - defining symptoms – need 5 of 8 o need to be center of attention o sexually provocative behavior o emotional shift shallow o use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves o have a distinctive style of speech which is lacking in detail and excessively impressionistic o show self dramatization and theatricality and the exaggerated expression of emotion overlaps with speech style o suggestible, easily influenced by others or by circumstance easily hypnotized o consider relationships to be more intimate than they actually are - mood shifts shallow, rapid, but not full blown - superficially charming and often appealing o but what you see at the beginning is what you get bc of the shallowness o interpersonal relationships lack genuineness, unsatisfying bc you tend to burn out on these ppl o occupational relationships are not necessarily disturbed, if they can function superficially they do just fine sales associate is a good fit often often play the role of the princess or the victim, very reactive verbal expression of emotion is always extreme, descriptively things are either the best or the worst but enthusiasm not necessarily there, emotional superficiality underneath the words narcissistic personality disorder pervasive pattern of grandiosity that you see either in behavior or fantasy/perception, lack of empathy, - d efining sy m pto m s n e e d 5 of 9 o out of proportion s e n s e of s elf import anc e, will ex a gg er at e ac hiev e m e nts/t alents a n d exp ect o preoccupied with fant asies of unlimited succ ess, pow er, brillianc e, b e a uty, or ide al love o b elieve th at th ey ar e sp ecial a n d uniqu e a n d th at th ey c an only b e und erstood by so m e body th at h a s th es e a ttribut e s a n d high st atus a n d th er efore should only o require exc e ssive a d miration o s e n s e of e n title m e nt
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Abnormal Psychology112 - Abnormal Psychology 11/2/10...

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