AbP11.23 - Abnormal Psych 11/23/10 You must measure...

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Abnormal Psych 11/23/10 You must measure symptoms to figure out what patient can and can’t do Neuropsychologists study the symptoms to compare pre morbid and post morbid functioning Brain Functioning Impairment 1) impaired memory 2) orientation 3) learning/comprehension/judgement 4) emotional control 5) apathy or emotional blunting 6) executive 7) personality 8) Impaired language functioning a. Expressive the ability to say in words what one is thinking b. Receptive the ability to understand the words coming in c. Aphasia language problem d. Dysphasia should be this, the disturbance of language e. Fluency how smoothly and continuously they speak f. Comprehension the understand you and you understand them g. Naming can’t name the object although they understand what they are looking at h. Repetition repeating things that are or aren’t said i. Fluent vs. non-fluent aphasia i. Words are fluent but it can’t be followed, often because they are making reversals in the word order or choosing incorrect words for the words they mean to say j. Wernicke’s aphasia = fluent aphasia left rear of brain posterior left hemisphere k. Broca’s aphasia = Dis-fluent or non fluent aphasia, what you hear may be relevant or comprehendable but the speech is broken, they have difficulty initiating or starting the response often get one word or small phrase answer 9) Visual/spatial 9 of 12 Disturbance Ability to locate objects in space, need to judge distance, need to understand relationship between objects and surrounding
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AbP11.23 - Abnormal Psych 11/23/10 You must measure...

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