2009 - Making Claims with examples

2009 - Making Claims with examples - S. Morales (2009)...

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S. Morales (2009) Making Claims (with examples) Definition: How can something be defined? What is it? How does it work? What does it mean? Remember, a writer can define a word or a concept. Television is a method of communicating images and sounds from a distant place. Description: What does it look/taste/feel like? Who is involved? How did it happen? What is the issue? Television programming can include programs meant for entertainment, education, and information. Background: What has happened up until this point? What are the key issues of the topic or problem? Who is involved? What is at stake? In the past 50 years, television has become the primary source through which many Americans receive news of the world. Importance/Significance: Why should your reader care about this topic? There could be multiple reasons that might generate multiple claims. If people trust the information that they receive from the news, they should know that it is not always objective. Proposing a problem: What is the problem and why is it a problem? Who thinks it is a problem? Who will be affected by this problem and how? Phong Lamoro, a leading news analyst, believes that Americans’ dependence on television
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2009 - Making Claims with examples - S. Morales (2009)...

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