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EvilHandout09 - Religion 261 Lecture Three Should We Do...

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Religion 261 Lecture Three Should We Do Evil to Achieve Good? Normative Ethics : general theories about what is good and bad, right and wrong. Often involves moral standards that guide or regulate conduct. The Golden Rule, for example, is a normative principle. Virtue ethics, Deontological ethics, and Utilitarian ethics are theories in normative ethics. Meta-Ethics : ( meta —beyond or after)…think of meta-ethics as bird’s-eye approach that is relevant for practical concerns but investigates where ethics comes from and what ethical principles mean—examining the nature and ground of beliefs. It is theorizing about theories of ethics, studying concepts, methods of justification, and background beliefs that usually inform ethics. Often involves metaphysics, psychology and linguistics. Applied Ethics : examines specific moral issues, like abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, war, etc…(for the most part, this is what we will be doing).
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