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Rel. 261/Gregory Hauerwas and The Peaceable Kingdom “Contrary to critics who accuse me of tempting Christians to withdraw from the world, my concern has always been to help Christians understand we cannot and should not avoid engagement with the world. I, of course, have tried to remind Christians that there is no reason to privilege the terms the world tries to set for such an engagement.” (Hauerwas) Narrative “The nature of Christian ethics is determined by the fact that Christian convictions take the form of a story, or perhaps better, a set of stories that constitute a tradition, which in turn creates and forms a community. Christian ethics does not begin by emphasizing rules or principles, but by calling our attention to a narrative that tells of God’s dealing with creation. To be sure, it is a complex story with many different subplots and digressions, but it is crucial…to see that is not accidentally a narrative.” (Hauerwas) “The Decalogue is part of the covenant of God with Israel.
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