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JustWarHandout09 - Paul Ramsey “Nothing is quite so...

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Religion 261 Just War Tradition PAPERS DUE ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 TH , IN LECTURE : BE SURE TO TYPE OUT YOUR NAME, YOUR PRECEPTOR’S NAME, AND TYPE OUT THE QUESTION YOU ARE ANSWERING Just War Tradition: A tradition that casts war in a legal and moral framework by codifying the rationally disciplined use of force. The Christian just war tradition is more than a checklist of principles or criteria. It is more like a train of thought, a general theory of politics and statecraft, or a proposal for doing justice in war that is set within an even broader philosophy of history and account of human nature premised on the belief that political authorities are charged with the duty to protect the innocent and the vulnerable and so, to administer justice and restore the moral order when it is violated. Figures: Ambrose, Augustine, Aquinas, Vitoria, Suarez, Grotius, Ramsey, and Hehir “The Western theory of just war originated, not primarily from consideration of abstract or natural justice, but from the interior of the ethics of Christian love.”
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Unformatted text preview: Paul Ramsey “Nothing is quite so difficult, yet so genuinely Christian, as to remember that in all political struggles there are no saints but only sinners fighting each other.” Reinhold Niebuhr “If the lion lies down with the lamb, the lamb must be replaced frequently.” Martin Luther Jus ad bellum (justice in going to war…the “when” and “whether” criteria) a) Just Cause to protect innocents from unjust attack to restore rights wrongly denied to re-establish order necessary for decent human existence b) Right/Just Intention, or “proper disposition” peace as ultimate objective in war c) Legitimate/Proper/Competent authority public declaration d) Last Resort e) Due Proportion f) Reasonable Hope of Success/Victory Jus in bello (justice within war…the “how” and “methods” criteria) a) Discrimination a) “noncombatant immunity” b) Due Proportion...
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JustWarHandout09 - Paul Ramsey “Nothing is quite so...

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