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Rel. 261/Gregory Liberation Theology Isaiah; Exodus; Jeremiah; Luke “I have left the rights and privileges of the clergy but I have not ceased to be a priest…I have stopped saying Mass in order to bring about love for neighbor in the temporal sphere, economic and social. When my neighbor has nothing against me, when I have brought about the Revolution, I will offer Mass again if God permits.” (Camillo Torres) Praxis (Greek)--action, practice, activity (usually emphasizing the reciprocal effects of action upon thought and thought upon action in the process of transforming society) Its History Episcopal Council of Latin America (CELAM) Medellin, Columbia (1968) Puebla, Mexico (1979) Base communities Theology is “a critical reflection on Christian praxis is light of the word of God” (Gustavo Gutierrez) Its (“Contextual”) Theology A) Preferential Option for the Poor “The poor deserve preference not because they are morally or religiously better than
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Unformatted text preview: others, but because God is God, in whose eyes “the last are first.” (Gutierrez) B) Sin and Salvation Horizontal and Vertical Temporal and Eternal Individual and Structural “The work of Christ is presented simultaneously as a liberation from sin and from all its consequences: despoliation, injustice, hatred. This liberation fulfills in an unexpected way the promises of the prophets and creates a new chosen people, which this time includes all humanity.” (Gutierrez ). C) “Conscientization” (cf. Paulo Freire) “making aware” Liberation/Revolution vs. Developmentalism/Reformism “The Exodus is the long march towards the promised land in which Israel can establish a society free from misery and alienation” (Gutierrez) “To know God is to work for justice. There is no other path to reach God” (Gutierrez) Some critics...
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