PaperOneTopics09 - Religion 261 Fall 2009 Suggested Topics...

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Religion 261: Fall 2009 Suggested Topics for Paper One Due Date: Tuesday, October 20 th (in lecture) Following the directions given in lecture/precept and the guidelines on writing a philosophy paper (under Course Materials on Blackboard) , write a 5 page paper (typed, double-spaced) on one of the following topics. Remember to avoid the temptation to write a paraphrased summary of the readings or an overly ambitious paper that makes assertions which are left undefended. Be sure to state a clear thesis, offer arguments, and respond to potential objections. The best papers often present criticisms that are internal (or plausibly internal) to a particular author’s point of view. There is no need to do further secondary research. In fact, additional materials may distract you from making an argument. Your paper, however, may benefit from recommended readings on the relevant topic. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to examine these readings. BE SURE TO WRITE OUT YOUR QUESTION ON THE FRONT TITLE PAGE OF YOUR PAPER ( AS WELL AS YOUR PRECEPTOR’S NAME AND YOUR NAME ! ). 1. “Torture remains a horror and, in general, a tactic that is forbidden. But there are moments when this rule may be overridden…The neighbor-regard in Christian moral thinking ranks concrete responsibility ahead of rigid rule-following” (Jean Bethke Elshtain). Evaluate Elshtain’s discussion of torture and the problem of
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PaperOneTopics09 - Religion 261 Fall 2009 Suggested Topics...

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