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Religion 261 Lecture Four: Torture “If you don’t violate someone’s human rights some of the time, you probably aren’t doing your job” anonymous CIA agent, Washington Post (December 26, 2002) “We don’t kick the [expletive] out of them, we send them off to other countries so they can kick the [expletive] out of them.” anonymous CIA agent, Washington Post (December 26, 2002) “This is a very highly classified area, but I have to say that you need to know: There was before 9/11, and there was an after 9/11. After 9/11 the gloves come off.” Cofer Black, CIA Countertoerrist Center. Joint House and Senate Intelligence Hearing (September 26, 2002) “But there are certain things democracies don’t do, even under duress, and torture is high on the list.” Washington Post editorial (December 27, 2002) “Far greater moral guilt falls on a person in authority who permits the deaths of hundreds of innocents rather than choosing to ‘torture’ one guilty or complicit person.” Jean Bethke Elshtain
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