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ART 365 LECTURE February 18, 2011 I. The Madrid Skylitzes A. Iconoclast: you can’t be a greek orthodox and an iconoclast. B. Prophecy of doom for leo V: they like showing him as a villain. What do you really see here? It’s a premonition of Leo’s doom but what’s going on in the image? You have leo and the man telling him he’s doomed carrying a book. The book text says it’s a book of premonitions, oracles, good things or bad things will happen. This book was magical in some ways, you’d have images appearing in it magically over time. This book was brought fromt the library to be shown to leo because an oracle appeared there and was in the form of a lion who was being attacked by someone. The lion signifies the king; lion is leo, and he is leo so lion ebing attacked…this book changes that…no lions here. You see in the book a man and another man with a weapon so the text says one thing, it’s a lion in the book but the image makes
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Unformatted text preview: that literal, it changes that oracle of the lion into an imae of the man Leo. Literally here’s a guy telling the emperor leo that this is what they oracle says, something bad will happen to you. These courtiers are much taller than Leo as depicted which is interesting. You never find this in byzantine art. The emperor is always taller than everyone except Christ and virgin but here it’s different. These nobodies are much more prminent but additionally, this figure who’s supposed to be the empress is also taller than him which is cmplete distortion of gender heirrchies, the empress would never be taller than the emperor. Why is this so? In the one case, he is a villain so he wont be hown as great byzantine emperor, and also he’s shown as a very weak emperor which is not what the byzantine emperor is supposed to be, not supposed to be vulnerable. C. Leo V dreaming of the murder:...
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