A Sentimental Journey

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A Sentimental Journey Smelfungus (author Tobias Smollett) described as a traveler so devoid of sentiment that, were he in Heaven, he “would be so far from being happy” that his soul “would do penance there to all eternity. Yorick, on the other hand, claims that “was I in a desart [sic], I would find out wherewith in it to call forth my affections.” Yorick takes a French servant (La Fleur) while in Montriul. He is told that La Fleur’s one flaw is that “He is always in love,” to which Yorick responds that he has “been in love with one princess or another almost all my life,” and he hopes he always shall be, “being firmly persuaded” that any wrong doing on his part “must be in some interval betwixt one passion and another.” Yorick distributes more money than he reasonably should to a collection of beggars, but cherishes the sentiments he solicits in so doing. He travels to Paris, and asks directions from a beautiful young Grisset. After a series of
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