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EE 110, Fall 2010, Homework #5, Due November 12, 2010 Problem 1: This is a continuation of Problem 1 from Homework #4. (a) What is the transfer function H(s) = V d (s)/I in (s)? (b) Identify the poles and zeros of H(s) on a pole-zero plot. Is this BIBO stable? (c) Sketch the magnitude and phase responses of H(s) using Bode plots. (d) Compute the steady state component of v d (t) by evaluating H(s). (e) (PSpice) Perform a transient simulation of the circuit. Plot v d (t) and i in (t) and determine the steady state amplitude and phase of v d (t). (f) (PSpice) Perform an ac analysis of the circuit and plot the frequency response of the circuit (i in (t) is the input, v d (t) is the output). Compare with your answer to part (c). (5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 15 + 15 = 50 points) Problem 2: This is a continuation of Problem 2 from Homework #4. Assume that v i ( t ), v o ( t ), and all the voltages and currents in the network are zero for t < 0.
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