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EE 101; Homework 5: Due November 15th Monday 2PM 1) Determine the mutual inductance between a very long straight wire and a conducting equilateral triangular loop, as shown 2) a) Given that ܪ ൌ y ො 2 cosሺ15ߨݔሻ sin ሺ6ߨ10 ݐെ ߚݖሻ (A/m) in air, find ܧ and ߚ . b) It is known that the electric field intensity of a spherical wave in free space is ܧ ൌ ߠ ܧ 0 ܴ ݏ݅݊ߠ cos ሺ߱ݐ െ ܴ݇ሻ . Determine the magnetic field intensity ܪ and the value of ݇ . 3) The instantaneous expression for the magnetic field intensity of a uniform plane wave propagating in the +y direction in air is given by
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Unformatted text preview: z 4 10 cos10 (A/m). (a) Determine and the location where H vanishes at t=3 (ms). (b) Write the instantaneous expression for . 4) The field of a uniform plane wave propagating in a dielectric medium is given by , x 2 cos 10 1 3 y sin 10 1 3 (a) Determine the frequency and wavelength of the wave (b) Find the corresponding field. d b...
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