Assignment_6 - 31O cp*,ar*"rtrR 7 Phonology:...

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Unformatted text preview: 31O cp*,ar*"rtrR 7 Phonology: The Sound Patterns of Language Exercises Data in languages other than English are given in phonetic transcription r' :' square b."Jk.t! unless otherrvise stated. The phonetic transcriptions of E: --ylords are given wirhin sqtlare brackets' ( t. hn following sets of minimal pairs show that English lpl and lbl cor - - \--/ in initial. medial, and final positions' lnitial Medial Final pitlbit raPid/rabid caPlcab Find similar sets of minimal pairs for each pair of consonants giren: a. lkl-.lgl d,. lbl-lvl g' lsl-[l b. lml-'lnl e. lbl-lml h' ltll-lful c. lll-kl f. lPl-lf I i' lsl-lzl 2. A young patient at the Radcliffe h-rfirmary in oxford, England, foli,: ir_rg " h."i injury, appears to have lost the spelling-to-pronunciation :- - pr-onunciatio, rules that rnost of Lls can use to read and r'' : - ,r.ou *ords o, ,l, strings. He also is unable to get to the phon- - represcntation of words in his lexicon. consider the following e\xr:: - hii reading pronunciatio' a.d his writing from dictatio.: StimulusReadingPronunciationWritingfromDictation fame llnmil FAM caf6 lsnlil KAFA time ltatmil TIM note lnotil or lnctil NOT praise lPra-avsil PRAZ ir."t ltri-r;rl TRET goes /go-es/ GOZ ilout lflc-rerl FLOT 'What rules or patterns relate his reading pronunciation to the lvrit:' ulus?'ilihat r,.rG, o. patterns relate his spelling to the dictated stim'''- example, in reading, a corresponds to lal or lel;in writing from di;::- lel and lel cortespond to written A' 3. Read ,,A case of Identiry," the third story in The Aduentures of Si:' Holmes by sir Arthur conan Doyle (and no fair reading sutrmaric'. . opses, or anyrhing other than the original-it's online). Now all r-c- to do is expiain ihnt rortplementary distribution has to do rvith i:-- ' mystery. Aonr,der rhe distribution of [r] and [l] in Korean in the following i'' -- \arlso.. simplifyirrg charrgcs have been made in these transcription.. - --thos. in exercise 6, that have no bearing on the problems') rubi "rubY" mul "water" kir-i "road (nom.)" Pal "arm" Exercises 3'l'l ption without rns of English /b/ contrast given: C. follow- iation and i and write phonemic examples of wrltten strm- stimulus? For 'm dictation of Sherlock naries, syn- all you have rith this 'ing words. :ions, and saui "Seoul" ilgop "seven" ibaisa "barber" Are [r] and [1] allophones of one or two phonemes?...
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Assignment_6 - 31O cp*,ar*"rtrR 7 Phonology:...

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