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Sample Midterm Questions: Answer Key 1. 4 morphemes (c) - im-practic-al-ity 2. The cop was using a telescope to watch a man. (c) 3. d - all of the above a. Brain imaging techniques: we can see where language is localized (left hemisphere) b. Wild children and the presence of a critical period: Genie lateralized language to her right hemisphere (instead of the left) because she did not learn language during the critical period c. Language disorders: damage to the left hemisphere results in difficulties with speech, whereas damage to the right hemisphere affects other skills 4. b - Broca ʼ s aphasia (broken speech characterized by the use of content words and the lack of grammatical function words)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. c - the only rules that can generate the two Persian sentences (Please try drawing out the trees using the phrase structure rules if you are having a hard time seeing how the Persian phrase structure rules differ from English phrase structure rules.) Additional Sample Question Determine whether the phrases are constituents using the sample tree: 1. huge terrifying monster- yes 2. viciously attack- no 3. viciously attack the city- no 4. viciously attack the city at midnight- yes 5. a huge terrifying monster might - no 6. might viciously attack- no 7. the city at midnight- no 8. at midnight- yes 9. attack the city- yes Linguistics 1...
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