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Unformatted text preview: Dept. of Chemistry, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ -07764 100pts   Whenevertherearecalculations,youhavetoshowyourworktogetanycredit.   1. Whatisacolorimeter?(5pts)   2. Definerateofareaction.(5pts) MonmouthUniversity CE112LGeneralChemistryLaboratoriesII  Pre ­LabAssignment    RatelawLab    Faculty:Dr.KanchanaMudalige  3.     4.                      Whatfactorscanaffecttherateofachemicalreaction? (10pts) TherateofthereactionbetweencrystalvioletandNaOHcanbeexpressedas follows,   Rate=k[CV]m[OH ­n  i)Explaineachsymbolintheaboveequation(10pts)  ii)WhyisitpossibletowriteOH ­insteadofNaOH?(10pts)   iii)ExplainusingyourownwordshowyoucouldfindtheorderwrtCV  andNaOHoftheabovereaction.(10pts) Prepar ed by D r. Kanchana Mudalige Page 1 CE112L Dept. of Chemistry, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ -07764  5.Writedowntherateequationforthefollowingreaction.(10pts) A+BC+D    6.ModifytheaboveequationiftheactionisfirstorderwrtAandzeroorderwrtB    (10pts)      7.GiveroughsketchoftheplotofratevstheconcentrationofAoftheabove    reactionifthequestion2isvalid.(10pts)          8. Ifyouseesomethinginbluewhatcolorsdoesthatobjectabsorb?(10pts)        9. HowmanymLof0.5MNaOHisneededtomake5.0Lof0.01MNaOH?  (10pts)  Prepar ed by D r. Kanchana Mudalige Page 2 CE112L ...
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