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Dept. of Chemistry, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ-07764 Prepared by Dr. Kanchana Mudalige Page 1 CE112L ± Spring 2011 Monmouth Univ e r s ity C E 112 L G e n e ral Ch e mi s try Laboratori e s II Pr e -Lab A ss ignm e nt 6SULQJ ¶± 1 W ee k 2 100 p ts Unknown Org . Lab Fa c ul t y: Dr . K an c hana Mudalig e Complete the calculations below before coming to lab. You will not be admitted to lab without having completed these calculations. Copying the answers from someone else is plagiarism and strict actions will be taken. 1. The following data was obtained for density measurements of an unknown liquid in
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Unformatted text preview: a general chemistry lab using a graduated cylinder with a mass of 75.568 g. (60 pts) Volume of the liquid (mL) Total Mass with the liquid (g) 4.22 81.002 5.43 82.817 6.31 83.970 7.77 86.008 9.21 87.922 Find the density of the liquid using a graph. Use MS Excel. (Attach a copy of your data and the graph including the equation) 2. Give a rough sketch of a plot of heating dihydrogen monoxide (H 2 O) from -10 °C up to 120 °C. Clearly indicate the melting/freezing, boiling points and axes. (40 pts)...
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