Anth-202-fal-10-L12- Mod Human Aus-Amer

Anth-202-fal-10-L12- Mod Human Aus-Amer - Anthropology...

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Anthropology 202(500): Introduction to Archaeology Lecture 12, Oct. 12, 2010: Modern Humans: On to Australia and the Americas I. Background Prior to Modern Humans in East Asia A. Homo erectus arrived in Java ca. 1.8 m.y.a. B. By 600,000 years ago H. erectus was well established in China C. H. erectus populations remained in East Asia (e.g., Mojokerto) until ca. 50,000 years ago, far later than elsewhere in the world D. Homo floresensis (dwarf H. erectus ??) on Flores until ca, 18-12,000 years ago E. The demise of Homo erectus and H. floresensis coincides/overlaps with arrival of Homo sapiens II. Glacial Period Geography in SE Asia and Australia A. During periods of glacial advance and low sea level, new landmasses emerged: 1. Sahul —landmass linking Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea 2. Sunda —landmass connecting much of southeast Asia B. Wallacea —string of islands separating Sahul and Sunda C. Wallace Line —runs through Wallacea, separates the unique flora and fauna of Australia from Asia III. Peopling of Australia: Humans had to cross the Wallace Line by sea to get to Australia A. There is no evidence for Asian mammals or Homo erectus in Australia B. Two possible routes for modern humans crossing Wallacea into Sahul — both require sea voyages: 1. Northern route is indirect, requires sea voyages greater than 10 km 2. Southern route is more direct, but requires a sea voyage of about 90 km IV. To Date, the Earliest Human Occupation of Australia is by Homo sapiens A. Earliest evidence for human occupation found at Nauwalabila I —dated to between 53,000 and 60,000 years ago; lower levels too old (?) for 14 C dating B. Initial occupation of Lake Mungo in dates to 50,000 to 40,000 years ago C. Scant evidence for human occupation before 60,000 years ago
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Anth-202-fal-10-L12- Mod Human Aus-Amer - Anthropology...

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