Study guide 2 revised

Study guide 2 revised - agriculture--Modern humans (as...

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--Acheulian --Affluent foragers --Agriculture (development) --Agriculture (effects on human populations) --Animal tool use --Archaic --Australopithecus --Banpo --Ç atalhöyük --Clovis --Control of fire Cotton Preceramic --Curcurbita pepo --Domestication (in Africa, New Guinea, the Andes and East Asia) --Early human subsistence --Ecotone --Ester Boserup --Fertile Crescent Folsom Gordon Childe --Guitarrero Cave --Herto --Hominins --Hominoids Homo antecessor --Homo erectus Homo floresiensis --Homo habilis --Homo sapien --Hopewell Hunter-gatherers (characteristics) --(Land-use) Intensification --Isotope analysis --Jericho Jomon --Kebaran --Land-use --Levallois tools --Lunate --Macrobotanical --Mal’ta --Marshall Sahlins --Megafauna Mesolithic --Middle Paleolithic --Mitochondrial DNA --Models for disappearance of Neanderthals --Models for human occupation of the Americas Models for the origins of
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Unformatted text preview: agriculture--Modern humans (as hunters)--Modern humans (physical traits)--Mousterian--Natufian--Nauwalabila 1--Neanderthals (adaptations)--Neanderthals (general) Neolithic (Early, Mid, & Late) Neolithic Revolution--Occupation of Australia --Oldowan--Olduvai Gorge--Optimal Foraging Theory Paleolithic--Paloma--Paranthrapous--Pastoralism--Pestera cu Oase Cave--Phaseolus vulgaris--Phytoliths--Pleistocene--Poverty Point--Pre-Clovis archaeological sites--Purgatorius--Rachis--Sahara Desert--Sahul--Savanna--Solutrean --Sundra--Teosinte--Upper Paleolithic--Wallacea--Woodland period--Yagtze and Huai River Valleys--Yangshou--Zea mays Domesticates, especially: Maize, Squash, Millet, Sugar cane, Yams, Bananas, Taro, Dogs, Gourds, Rice, Beans, Llamas, Quinoa, Guinea Pigs, Potatoes, Wheat Don’t forget to go over the quizzes!...
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Study guide 2 revised - agriculture--Modern humans (as...

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