1.3.11 - systematic knowledge .-Political Science means...

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What is politics? I. Decisions, choices that are a. Public 1. Not strictly personal in content (personal = what to wear) 2. Affect others 3. Typically made collectively b. Authoritative 1. Intended to be binding 2. With claim to legitimacy (general acceptance of right to govern) 3. Can often be back up by force The two faces of politics Power (domination) (use/abuse of power for purposes) Choice (policy) Context: Political decisions always made within a political system. (politics can’t be done by yourself) Interdependent parts -Citizens, groups, institutions Boundaries -Citizens, Territory, Property What is politic science? Fields of Political Studies -American Politics -International Relations -Political Theory -Comparative Politics - Study of other political systems - Systematic comparison of political systems Is there a science of politics? -Political science is less secure and precise than some other disciplines (like physics), but uses many of the same methods to derive hypotheses (research questions) and build theories corroborated bodies of
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Unformatted text preview: systematic knowledge .-Political Science means studying politics through Description (the easiest part Narrative; who, what, when, where, and how?) Explanations (Why statements) Prediction (Hardest part If, then statements) In ways that are General (should cover as many phenomena as possible) Intersubjective (Language that is accessible and commonly understood) Testable (Must be falsifiable) What does it mean to study politics comparatively?-It is interesting for some of us-It improves your mind- Learning about other polities improves our understanding of our own- There are many claims out there about politics (like blogs), and you should be able to distinguish between valid vs. invalid claims and good vs. poor arguments-It is important-The United States is only one out of close to 200 states in the world, and in many ways atypical-95% if the worlds population lives elsewhere-Globalization makes these facts ever more important. Why do so?...
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1.3.11 - systematic knowledge .-Political Science means...

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