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Before Jefferson took office, the Federalists passed the Judiciary Act of 1801. This act set up regional courts for the United States with 16 judges and many other judicial officials. March 1801 Jefferson is inaugurated On March 4 th , 1801 Jefferson was inaugurated. Though it was a huge occasion, Jefferson wore everyday clothes. Adams did not attend Jefferson’s inauguration. He immediately left town. Marbury was appointed to become a Supreme Court Judge but the paperwork was sent in too late. Marbury took his case to the Supreme Court in order to make his case to become a judge. Judge Marshall then set out three principles for judicial review in order to keep things like this from occurring like this in the future. 1803 Marbury vs. Madison sets precedent for judicial review The Federalists and the Republicans fought tough in the election of 1800. John Adams was running for re- election while Jefferson was trying to defeat him and become US President. 1800
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