Chapter 4 Notes - o Google Primary Research - -Bias...

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Chapter 4-Research Where do you go? How do you get there? Start With Research Where we’re going How to get there Future planning Understand your audience Understand the issue Map trends Research is in Every Step Planning: what strategy to use or how to go about it Program Development: test your ideas Evaluation: during and after is this going to be a success Research gives us Knowledge Define your audience Formulate strategy Achieve credibility with your management Monitor competition Sway public opinion Generate publicity Measure success Test messages Primary vs. Secondary Research Primary: research you conduct yourself
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o Test new messages, surveys Secondary: research that already exists
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Unformatted text preview: o Google Primary Research - -Bias Question Bias: how you write the question Courtesy Bias: people tell you what you want to hear Design Flow: how the survey is designed; filter questions Primary Research- - Methodologies Focus groups Intercept interviews Personal interviews Telephone surveys Mail surveys Internet surveys Piggy-back surveys Archival research Library databases Internet searches Content analysis Copy testing Experiments Perception analyzer Secondary Research- - Best Friend Google Factiva Hoovers: research for a company before interviewing them Remember: Good PR is Good Research...
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Chapter 4 Notes - o Google Primary Research - -Bias...

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